Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Idea to Take the All-Star Game from Mediocrity to Brilliance!

Here it is *drumroll*:


That's right, the Anti-Ballot. Vote the most despised villains in the NHL off the All-Star Roster. Think of the glory! A chance to vote Pronger, Perry, and Getzlaf off the [to be announced] All-Star teams! How awesome would that be? I think we can all agree, almost too awesome. And definitely too awesome for the NHL. Unless we can get some seriously grass-roots shit going down, like some kind of petition I don't even have the first clue of how to begin. And even then it's a long-shot, because I'm certain that Gary Bettman doesn't give a rat's ass what the fans want if it's not what he wants.


  1. hmmm ... are they posting the standings in real time? if so, you look for whoever else is leading the standings in their categories.

    of course, we only get to vote for 6 players on the roster. I think coaches chose the rest.

  2. Standings aren't posted yet. But figure the six most fan-beloved players get in. Then the coaches, or whatever committee does it, choose from the rest of the players, with the six most fan-despised players ineligible.

  3. ohhh, you want a whole separate ballot! I love it.

    ... but that begs the question, what happens if someone makes both lists?

  4. Well, you could do it by total votes for that person on each ballot, but I think the tie-breaker's gotta go to the first ballot rather than the anti-ballot.

    Also, I'd like to see a wildcard-like spot for the player with the most write-in votes. It would give some the fan-favorites who aren't league-leading scorers a chance to go to the all-star game.