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2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Round 1

    Vancouver Canucks Canucks 1 vs 8 Kings Los Angeles Kings
        St Louis Blues 2 vs 7 Sharks San Jose Sharks
           Phoenix Coyotes Coyotes 3 vs 6 Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks
   Nashville Predators Predators 4 vs 5 Red Wings Detroit Red Wings

  New York Rangers Rangers 1 vs 8 Ottawa Senators
               Boston Bruins Bruins 2 vs 7 Washington Capitals
       Florida Panthers Florida Panthers 3 vs 6 New Jersey Devils
   Pittsburgh Penguins Penguins 4 vs 5 Flyers Philadelphia Flyers

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ohlordstanley cup finals: results!

The Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins may not start playing the finals until tomorrow, but here at ohlordstanley, the results are in!

Congratulations, Cathy!

Proving that one pick can make all the difference, Cathy used the Tampa Bay Lightining run to the Eastern Conference Finals to propel herself from the back of the pack all the way to insurmountable lead.  Cathy had the Bolts at 15 -- the highest any of the rest of us had them was 10!

Bravo, Cathy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011