Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game 19: A Good Game for Shopping

Well, it looks like the Sharks have "reset the bar" again, only a lot lower. And that's not a limbo metaphor, I should clarify. I think it's a high-jump metaphor. Or pole-vault, maybe.
This was a terrible 3-0 loss to Columbus. I don't even want to talk about it. The Sharks are now 8-10-1.

I expect bad things for the Sharks on Wednesday vs. the Blackhawks. They've repeatedly shown that 1. they suck after a break and 2. they suck against the Blackhawks. But hey, things change; the Sharks were an elite-level team last year.

In a totally disheartening loss against the Blue Jackets, I pick three stars:

3rd Star: Mike Commodore.
This guy committed a dozen penalties and only got called for one. Good job, Asshole!

2nd Star: Todd McClellan.
How he retains his composure right now is beyond me. If it were my job, I'd be shitting a brick after they lost two consecutive two-goal leads and then got shut out at home by the Blue Jackets! It's the BJs' first regulation win in San Jose ever! But Todd's still got that calm, assured manner that makes me think we're going to make the play-offs after all. The man should be a dentist.

1st Star: No question, it's Jason Demers' mustache.
It's not the most manly mustache on the team, which has to go to Niclas Wallin or Ryane Clowe, but it works for him. I think he looks a lot cooler with it and I can't say that about most of the players. Plus it fights prostate cancer! So good going, Jason. Way to make "Movember" work for you!

One positive note before I sign off: shopping at the Sharks Store doesn't get any better than after a shut-out loss! Hooray for no waiting in line!

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