Saturday, November 13, 2010

Game 14: "Kill the Zebra!"

It was Thornton's first game back and he lost no time getting back to his usual form, turning over the puck at the defensive blue line in the first minute. Although Pavelski continued to struggle, Boyle had a great game, Couture continued to look good, and Demers made several outstanding plays and looked strong overall. Unfortunately, what stood out most to me was the terrible officials! The first goal by the Islanders: the linesman in the corner skates backward out of Parenteau's way and picks Dan Boyle right off of him! It would have been an interference call on any player. And the revocation of Pavelski's goal was crap. Couture was standing between Roloson and the net, but so was an Islanders player and neither of them were in the crease. Everyone was just standing around. They thought the play had stopped because Roloson was acting like he had the puck covered and that is why Roloson got back to the net too late.
Now that it's over and we've won, it was nice to see a low-scoring game; we haven't seen many with fewer than four goals in a while. It was also a confidence-inspiring shoot-out, if you're into that sort of thing.

Sharks now 6-7-1

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