Friday, April 29, 2011

Belated Round 1 Standings

A day or so late, but I'm going to have to beg your pardon on grounds of first round fatigue. Nine straight days of overtime and this playoff commute is really starting to wear on me. But some people have real problems, so before I run off to the airport, I thought I'd throw up a quick first round update.

The standings after Round 1:
Geoff        472
Doug        470
Ken           464
Allison      454
Meredith   450
Cathy        442
Anneli       425
Susan        423

But perhaps more important at this point in the game is who's been eliminated.  It my not be the most exact way to measure it, but if you total up the point values from the teams who've been eliminate, you get a rough idea of the missing point potential, and then it looks like this:

Geoff        36
Doug        40
Allison     44
Ken          46
Meredith  50
Cathy       52
Susan       53
Anneli      80

Geoff managed to lose the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM number of potential points -- the gauntlet has been thrown.  And yes, he's already call me to gloat.

As for Anneli ... well, she made some gutsy picks, and I'm afraid they didn't quiiiiiiiite work out for her.  Now she's got Vancouver playing Nashville at 2 and 1.  Ouch!  Now, that, my friends, is a wicked hematoma to the neck.


  1. Ah, I didn't pick the ABSOLUTE minimum. I had the Rangers at 6 and Phoenix at 7.