Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready for the 4th annual playoff pool?

No?  Me neither.  But that's just because the Western Conference match-ups won't be set until tomorrow.

The Eastern Conference has finally sorted itself out.  Here are the first round match-ups in the East:

 Washington Capitals 
 New York Rangers

 Philadelphia Flyers
 Buffalo Sabres

 Boston Bruins
 Montreal Canadiens

 Pittsburgh Penguins
 Tampa Bay Lightning

Tomorrow in the West, the first round will be set as early as midday when the Blackhawks finish their game against Detroit, or as late as tomorrow evening at the end of the Dallas Stars game.  The top 4 seeds are set, and still no one knows who they'll face.  Depending on tomorrow's games, the Blackhawks could still finish as high as 5th or miss the playoffs entirely!

Whatever happens, I'll send out the link to enter this year's pool as soon as the first round is set, and close the entries as soon as the first puck drops on Wednesday.

Happy Stanley Cup Season!

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